Main research themes

Environmental Chemical Contamination

chemicalThe research activities focus on the development and application of methodologies and tools for the assessment of risks and impacts of chemical substances on ecosystems and human health, in order to support the sustainable management of contaminated areas and natural resources. Our research activities include: development and application of methodologies and tools for ecological and […]




climaThe primary aim of the research unit is to develop and apply methodologies for the analysis of environmental impacts and risks related to climate change and natural hazards. Interdisciplinary approaches and tools (e.g. risk and vulnerability assessment, multi criteria decision analysis, spatial indicators, decision support systems, ecological risk models) are employed for the assessment of […]




Environmental Nanosafety

nanoResearch activities span from characterization of engineered nanomaterials in products and environmental media along life cycle stages to human health as well as ecological risk assessment in order to support sustainable manufacturing and use of nanotechnologies. The aim is to improve our understanding of release, fate and transport of engineered nanomaterials and related exposure scenarios as well […]