Methods and preliminary findings


Figure caption: In-depth stakeholder interview in Porto Marghera, Venice, Italy (2014)


Figure caption: Following an in-depth stakeholder interview in Porto Marghera, Venice, Italy (2014)

How can we understand what the social actors active in brownfield regeneration projects think about the aims of their involvement? The sociological semistructured interview is very useful tool for providing responses to this question.  It offers a largely unbiased and synthetic view of social actors’ key ideas. We illustrate this by showing the most frequently used words from two interviews, one with a former manager of the Vega STP (A) and one with an urban regeneration consultant (B). These have been generated from interviews with two key stakeholders of the regeneration of Area 2 in Porto Marghera (2014).


Figure caption (first line & bullets): For these interviewed actors, brownfield regeneration is about:

  • accomplishment (the requalified area of the Vega company)
  • ongoing process (we need a strategy)
  • physical infrastructure (buildings, incubators)
  • planning and action (understand, work)
  • the work of experts (university, enterprises)
  • the involvement of people

Understanding the stakes of regeneration was followed by an online survey addressed to all those who have communicated on the regeneration of Area 2 of the Vega STP. The survey collected data on the individuals with whom the respondent communicates most often on the regeneration of Area 2. Respondents were also asked about their views on various aspects of the sustainable regeneration of Area 2.


Figure caption: Constructing the Nexsus online questionnaire with SurveyMonkey

The survey was sent via email to 167 potential participants, of which 50 respondents provided complete or partial responses (30% response rate). More on the results of the application of the online survey can be found in the “Research outcomes & dissemination” section.


Figure caption: Response rates for the Nexsus online survey