The group


The research activity within Marcomini’s group focuses on issues related to environmental chemistry and environmental risk assessment, such as

  1. determination of major organic pollutants (POPs, endocrine disrupting chemicals, surfactants, etc.) in environmental matrices (waters, soil and air)
  2. behaviour of emerging pollutants in sewage treatment plants and receiving compartments
  3. human health and ecological risk assessment
  4. modeling contaminants fate and transport
  5. uncertainty and sensitivity analysis in risk analysis
  6. risk-based decision support systems.

Moreover particular attention has been given, over the last five years, to the application of Geographical Information Systems and spatial data elaboration techniques to the risk assessment.

The close collaboration within the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development with the socio-economic research unit enhanced the capability of an inter-disciplinary approach to the contaminated site (especially megasites) problem, thus encompassing brownfield redevelopment, risk perception and communication, risk management practices, decision support systems.

The unit leader, Prof. Antonio Marcomini, is coordinator of national and EU RTD projects concerning contaminants environmental behavior and risk-based decision support systems.