Filip Alexandrescu


Filip Alexandrescu is a sociologist who has joined the Environmental Science, Informatics and Statistics Department at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (2014 – 2016) to carry out interdisciplinary research on the regeneration of brownfields.

He has received his PhD in sociology from the University of Toronto, Canada, in 2012. Since then, he has been interested in how the processes of brownfield regeneration are embedded in social contexts.  As a researcher within the FP7 Timbre research project (Tailored Improvement of Brownfield Regeneration in Europe, 2011 – 2014) he has explored these contexts from a cultural and institutional point of view.

As part of his Marie Curie IEF research project Nexsus (Network-based Expert-Stakeholder Framework for Sustainable Regeneration) he has focused anew on the social context, this time by employing the tools of social network analysis.

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Contact info: