30/05/2015 Comments Off on CLIM-DAT By Simone LongiarĂ¹

CLIM-DAT is a project in partnership with the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) which aims at getting deepen understanding of the impacts caused by climatic changes in the coastal area of the North Adriatic Sea, using current and historical data owned by ISPRA (e.g. meteo and mareographic data). Within CLIM-DAT digital data of interest available at ISPRA (e.g. time series coming from tide gauge stations located in the Venice Lagoon and the in the North Adriatic) will be validated and organised within a specific geodatabase, and will be used to calibrate hydrodynamic and statistical models applied in the North Adriatic area and then to construct risk maps representing storm surge flooding under changing climate conditions.

All the results achieved in the project will be integrated in a GIS-based DEcision support SYstem for Coastal climate change impact assessment (DESYCO) that is aimed at the assessment of climate change impacts on coastal areas at the regional scale and will be shared with local stakeholders. The ultimate aim of the work is to improve our knowledge about climate change impacts on coastal areas at the regional scale in order to identify areas where adaptation strategies maybe required.

The project will be articulated with the following activities:

  • identification of data sources useful for the project;
  • collection, storing and organization of data (hydrological data, hidrodinamic data, meteo and mareographic data);
  • development and integration of data within the DSS;
  • analysis and assessment of the contribution of these data for calibration and validation of models and for the development of hazard and risk scenarios to be included in the DSS;
  • organisation of the transfer of knowledge and dissemination activities (e.g. public workshops on climate change related issues).